Thursday, December 24, 2009

finally good trailcam pics

It has been a while, almost a month, since I checked my trailcams. I think I may start waiting a while every time. This last check proved to be my most exciting yet. The results were full of the normal raccoon, opossum, and fox shots, but this time I had a great surprise. At the beginning of the season I had a set of pictures of a nice 10 pointer (5x5) in velvet, and that was the only pictures of him I got. UNTIL NOW!   He has come back to the mineral lick and has a some war wounds. Whether he was fighting, ran into a low limb, injured by a hunter or another animal, I am not sure but his left eye is gone. I am a little torn in my decision to take him if I see him while in the stand. I would hate for someone else to kill him, mainly cause I am selfish, but I really would like to see what his rack will do next year now with this injury. I think he could grow some funky stuff.
Not only was I lucky enough to get this deer on camera but also I got one of those rare photos of a fox carrying a rabbit in its mouth that he had just killed. I have seen people post these pictures before, but this is a first for me. Overall, I had great pictures of a buck chasing a doe, bucks working a scrape, does spooking and a confused raccoon that thought he was supposed to mount from the side. My favorite picture of all is this one, it is nothing fancy, but really well framed and it helps he is a personal favorite buck of mine. I have let him walk a couple of times and hope he makes it to next year so I can see what his left side does.

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Walter said...

Those pictures look good. What kind of trail cam are you using?

The Hunter's Wife said...

Those are very nice pictures!