Saturday, November 21, 2009

so far, so good

The 2009 hunting season is in full swing, and I have had a blast. I only have killed the one doe, but I have seen deer just about every time I have been in the woods. Just last night I had several deer, including a buck, inside 50 yards. But for some different reasons I couldn't get the shot off.
Last night I got to the woods pretty late so I decided to let my bow take a break and carried a 30-30 to sit on the ground over looking a bottom where I made a mock scrape. After being there about 30 minutes, 3 does came in from my right (my off hand) and browsed for a few minutes. Then all of a sudden the lead doe darted up the hill taking the other two does with her. Thinking I had missed my chance, I started to scan the bottom, when I heard another deer in the same area as the does were. I scan the area with my binoculars and see horns. I grab the gun and switch hands and prepare for a left handed shot. Looking through the scope I see his left main beam, nice mass but only one point. I knew then what buck he was. I have several pictures of this buck on trailcam and had not made a decision to take him or not, he has a great right side with a nice brow tine, and decent g-2 and g-3. But his left side is just bare except a decent 5-6 inch tine.
I looked at him through the scope he walked behind some trees and stopped with just his head exposed, presenting no ethical shot, and walked into the thicket and was never seen again. I grunted and tried to bring him back but he wanted nothing to do with it.
The weekend before a similar thing happened when a nice mature 8 pointer came walking in to check the scrape.
I start to stand up and the seat on my climber catches the back of my legs and rubs as I stand, making all kinds of noise. The buck hears it and stops dead in his tracks and makes a 90 degree turn at 50 yards and walks out of the bottom stopping behind a tree to survey the situation. With no ethical shot I lower my bow and try to grunt him back in, but it didn't work. ((UPDATE: found out Saturday Afternoon this deer was shot by the guys who have the lease to the north of our property - he was only 2 1/2 years old -- what a shame they couldn't let him walk))
Overall, I am very pleased with the way this season has gone. I haven't shot that many deer, but I have already seen more deer this year then my last two years combined. I am sure the shots will start coming around and some deer will go down. Until next time, happy and safe hunting!


Bill Brown said...

Awesome story. The shots will come, just keep doing what you have been and you will be successful! Later Bill

Bill said...

Great story. I wish I could get out into the field as much as it sounds like you do. Keep at it, like the other Bill said, you'll get your shot.

swgahunter aka gary said...

thanks guys - i hope the shots come - i know they will - just takes time