Monday, November 15, 2010

Slow Going

Well, it is about halfway through the deer season and I have yet to kill a deer. It's not that I haven't seen them, it's I guess I am too picky with my shot selection. I have passed up 4 younger bucks earlier in the season, didn't like the shot a group of does gave me, and had a nice 120+ 8 pointer at 40 yards behind some brush and trees, but would never step out for me to take the shot. However, I most likely would have waited for him to get in to about 30 yards before I would have drawn my bow back. Which leads me to my next thought...

I am considering hanging up the bow and taking the rifle to the woods. But I guess you have to be able to see deer to shoot deer. The last 3 times I have ventured out into my bottom, I have been blanked. I haven't seen a deer one. And to top it off, as I sit here and type this, Frank Ellis sends me a picture of a great 10 pointer that was taken on his farm this morning. Not to mention all the other "friends" that continue to send/post pictures of their kills. While I rejoice with them, it still keeps me thinking I haven't got anything yet. I feel my chances would be greater if I took the rifle, but I also want to take a deer with my bow. I think I'll get one under my belt, and then take the bow back out afterwards.

In the meantime, I pray that the lack of seeing deer will be fixed with a change of location, and the lack of killing deer, will be fixed by a change of weapon. Hopefully the next time I write will be to let you know I'm putting meat in my freezer. Thanks for your time, and safe happy hunting. Remember when in doubt, don't pull the trigger.