Saturday, June 20, 2009

Giving it a try

This is very strange for me. I am not an avid reader or wirter. However, my recent addiction to twitter and reading others blogs about the outdoors has inspried me to break out of my norm and give something new a try. So here it is. Hopefully I can rise to the occasion and entertain you the reader. Please be patient with me as I learn, and I am willing to accept any advice one may have, so fell free to offer. Although I do retain the right to accept or reject any said advice. Thanks for taking time to enter my world here in Southwest Georgia, but beware, it may be scary at times.


Dave Olsen said...

Nice job, Thanks so much for writing and telling such a great story.

swgahunter aka gary said...

Thanks Dave, it was my pleasure. Team Huntress is a great group!

Editor said...

1.try to link to your favorite bloggers, if they will return the favor.
2. join the OBS
3. short paragraphs, lots of pics,
you do not have to tell a fabulous story everytime you post.
4. link, link, link to grow your blog