Monday, September 14, 2009

0 for 3

After an okay Saturday and horrific Sunday evening, I had another chance to get in the woods this afternoon, and was it hot and humid. The wind was still and if not for my thermacell ( it would have been miserable. I got to the woods around 4:15 and after changing into my leaf camo suit and spraying down, I was sitting in the tree at 4:45. By 5:00 I had recorded the intro of the hunt and was ready to sit and wait. After an hour of sitting there and twittering I thought I heard thunder, so I checked the radar and quickly learned it was thunder and a bunch of it, about 45 minutes away. As I sat and decided to stay or go, the rain began to fall, with no protection for my camera or phone I decided it would be best to get down and hunt dry another time.

I am bummed to say the least, but dry and able to hunt tomorrow, if the rain moves through. I know I will check the radar before heading out tomorrow. As of day 3 of GA archery season I am 0 for 3. Will I go 0 for 4, or get rid of this collar, stay tuned to find out. It has to get better sometime right?!?


wandering owl said...

Better luck tomorrow! I wish rain like that would move through my area (NE Iowa). It's gettin' to be like a tinder box up here. I'm going to try bowhunting deer from a ground blind this year and the last thing I need is crispy leaves!

Andrew E said...

That stinks...hope tomorrow is a better day!